kÖök (2012)                                    kÖök: Live in Leipzig (2013)                   kÖök: Imber, Wiltshire (2014)                               KTHXBYE (2015)

KTHXBYE: details (2016)

kÖök: Old Pond -

Machienfabriek Remix (2020)

Larsen/Lisle/Webster: Problem

of Absolute Generality (2021)

Pet Zoo: PØKK (2017)

kÖök: Frog Leaps In/Sound of Water (2020)

Smith Komma John: Flesk (Single, Jazzland 2022)

Larsen/Lisle/Webster: Zeal & Perseverance (2019)

kÖök: Frog Leaps In/Sound of Water - Marius Gjersø Remix (2020)

Smith Komma John: Reggi (Single, Jazzland 2022)

kÖök: No Sign Can Foretell How Soon It Must Die (2021)

kÖök: Old Pond (2020)

Smith Komma John: Music For Humans( Jazzland 2022)

Silent Night (NXN Rec, 2022)                 The Bells Of Christmas (NXN Rec 2022)     

Solstein: Solstein (Is it jazz Records, 2023)

kÖök: 5 (Va Fongool, 2023)

Mitt Hjerte Alltid Vanker

(Need Music Rec 2021)

Det Heve Ei Rose Sprunge

(Need Music Rec 2020



Stian Larsen's guitar playing "would make Holdsworth proud",(...) one of the most refined progressive albums of the current year." - On Solstein, Autopoietician

«The first riff Larsen and the album offers, crosses Jimmy Page with Sabbath in a quirky way, before the band surfs on through Rypdal and over the mountain to the other side. A guitar trio with such solid qualities easily finds a place with me»

– Arild R. Andersen, Jazzinorge

«This has become another brilliant guitar record from relatively young, Norwegian musicians who should seriously be booked to the many stages around Norway and Europe. Because this is brilliant trio music from three excellent, Norwegian musicians.» - Jan Granlie, Salt-Peanuts

"Problem Of Absolute Generality» encapsulates again the essence of this trio: the hi-octane free jazz of Webster and Lisle meets noise and art-rock guitar of Larsen." - Eyal Hareuveni, Salt Peanuts

"Both sides of this album (kÖök: No Sign...) take Bashō haikus into uncharted yet inspired sonic tours" - Eyal Hareuveni, Salt Peanuts

“Zeal and Perseverance captures faithfully the essence of the trio: hard-hitting and dynamic play of pushing and crisscrossing musical borders that visits and reshapes our conceptions of free jazz, rock and noise territories.” -Eyal Hareuveni, Salt Peanuts

"The trio’s sparring has a punkish, whippet-thin energy, partly due to the lack of double bass, with the aluminium sting of Larsen’s guitar increasing the avant-rock spice in the mix." - weneednoswords

"Resultatet har blitt to "samtaler" på henholdsvis vel 28 og en på vel fem minutter – samtaler det har vært en udelt fornøyelse å bli invitert med i som lytter. Pet Zoo har så avgjort makta å rive ned gjerdene i dyrehagen" - Tor Hammerø

"Roligheten set the fast-shifting, nervous dynamics of the first piece, full of sudden twists between sparse, sometimes even lyrical but more often intense sonic searches, all stress the immediate, organic interplay of this quartet." -Eyal Hareuveni, Salt Peanuts

"Details offers seven untitled improvisations. The sound of the trio is loud, raw and explosive, flowing with an energy of a nuclear reactor" - Eyal Hareuveni, Salt Peanuts

"Details is a beautifully realised, well-rounded album, with all the visceral immediacy of the best free jazz of the post-rock era, but also real sensitivity to group dynamics and shades of expression." - Dalston Sound

"It's hard to say something fresh in the intersection between art music and improvisation, but that is exactly what kÖök is doing successfully. The sound is clear and complex, surprising and reflected. The electronic nuances and diversity of sound in slow motion begets images of lavishness. 5/6" -Arild R. Andersen, Aftenposten

"Those looking for that massive listening experience with subtle nuances experienced in KÖÖK's "Imber, Wiltshire" a gem!" -Kulturterrorismus.de

"Above all – “Imber, wiltshire” is authentic and modest in intention, yet gigantic and monolithic in practice. This reason alone, beyond all possible superlatives about their music, is a good enough reason to get this cold and heavy album." -Cynif


"Norwegian guitarists Stian Larsen and Jørn Erik Ahlsen provide a tantilisingly wonderful selection of soundscapes in this, their first outing for FMR. Both are expert in not just playing the guitar but the use of live electronics which can of course provide endless possibilities. Seven constantly changing textures and ideas from two of Europes greatest and most creative improvisors."-FMR


"Rubbed strings, static, eerie tapped-on guitar sounds and the odd blip or squeak all float around the central humming light like moths around a flame. Patience is required to let the bent sounds slowly evolve and get a bit more dense evoking the occasional ghost-like spirits drifting around one another in a ritualistic dance of the Summer's new reappearance." - Bruce Lee Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery


"What makes kÖök special is its seamless blending of lyricism and electronic textures, topped off by a healthy dollop of mischief. This combination of intelligence and playfulness is immensely pleasing, and the group's inaugural release offers an altogether fresh addition to the world of electronic ambient music." -Florence Wetzel/Squidsear.com