Larsen/Lisle/Webster: Problem Of Absolute..

«Problem Of Absolute Generality» encapsulates again the essence of this trio: the hi-octane free jazz of Webster and Lisle meets noise and art-rock guitar of Larsen.»”

Eyal Hareuveni

- Salt Peanuts

kÖök: No Sign Can Foretell...

Both sides of this album take Bashō haikus into uncharted yet inspired sonic tours

Eyal Hareuveni

- Salt Peanuts

KTHXBYE: details

"Details is a beautifully realised, well-rounded album, with all the visceral immediacy of the best free jazz of the post-rock era, but also real sensitivity to group dynamics and shades of expression." 

Tim Owen

- Dalston Sound

New album out now!

Order from my Bandcamp


05/12/23: I've recorded some christmas jazz tunes which you can find here: LINK

20/10/23: "...may mark the future of kÖök’s ever-evolving sonic vision." - a great review from Salt Peanuts and Eyal Hareuveni. Read here.

07/08/23: The upcoming album "kÖök - 5" is being released the 13th october on Va Fongool. On vinyl and digital streaming. Really exciting to have you all hear it.

06/08/23: I've contributed to the album Solstein by Jacob Holm Lupo featuring Steely Dan drummer Keith Carlock amongst others. Check it out! HERE

10/3/23: The 10 year anniversary album from my duo kÖök is finished mixed and mastered and we are very excited about the result. The album was recorded in 2 days in Ugla studios with guest an extended band featuring Morten Qvenild, Per Oddvar Johansen and Marius Gjersø. Stay tuned for more info about the upcoming release!

11/11/2022: Today we released our single Silent Night on the label NXN Recordings. You can find it here: LINK 

1/4/2022: The new Smith Komma John album has been released and already the reviews are in:

«The first riff Larsen and the album offers, crosses Jimmy Page with Sabbath in a quirky way, before the band surfs on through Rypdal and over the mountain to the other side. A guitar trio with such solid qualities easily finds a place with me»

 – Arild R. Andersen, Jazzinorge

«This has become another brilliant guitar record from relatively young, Norwegian musicians who should seriously be booked to the many stages around Norway and Europe. Because this is brilliant trio music from three excellent, Norwegian musicians.» - Jan Granlie, Salt-Peanuts


11/1/2022: My trio Smith Komma John is releasing it's first single "Flesk" on Jazzland Rec January 28th. Hit this link to pre save, and follow us on Spotify.

24/8/21: «Problem Of Absolute Generality» encapsulates again the essence of this trio: the hi-octane free jazz of Webster and Lisle meets noise and art-rock guitar of Larsen.»

Another great review of "Problem of Absolute Generality" from Salt-Peanuts! Thank you for listening Eyal"

24/8/21: Great review of "Problem of Absolute Generality" from Free Form Free Jazz! Click here to read.

30/7/21: The album "Problem Of Absolute Generality" with reed player Colin Webster and drummer Andrew Lisle from UK is out now on Va Fongool. It's available on all digital platforms and LP vinyl on my bandcamp. 

This was the result of a small UK tour we did in 2019 and I love the energy on these tracks. It really sounds crisp on vinyl. Go check it out on my bandcamp!

17/6/21: Great reviews of the new kÖök album!

"Both sides of this album (kÖök: No Sign...) take Bashō haikus into uncharted yet inspired sonic tours" - Eyal Hareuveni, Salt Peanuts

7/5/21: I'm happy to finally release the new album with my duo kÖök called "No Sign Can Foretell How Soon It Must Die" on Va Fongool

Out now on all streaming platforms and on 180g vinyl.

Visit our bandcamp to purchase.

30/10/20: Marius Gjersø have done a beatiful rework of our second single. We would appreciate if you took a minute to listen, like and follow! Click here for spotify

16/10/20: The second single "Frog Leaps in/Sound of Water" from my band kÖök is released. Check it out here!

11/8/20: Finally the first single "Old Pond" from the upcoming kÖök album is being released. Also featuring a remix by Machinefabriek, the music is available on all streaming platforms next friday the 21st August.

5/2/20: New dates added in the Concerts section!

15/1/20: Great review over at Saltpeanuts.eu! Thanks Eyal!

“Zeal and Perseverance captures faithfully the essence of the trio: hard-hitting and dynamic play of pushing and crisscrossing musical borders that visits and reshapes our conceptions of free jazz, rock and noise territories.”

15/11/19: Today I released a record with some of my favourite musicians Colin Webster and Andrew Lisle. Out on Va Fongool. Click here for more info.

6/6/19: I will be joining the Norwegian band LÖV for their first tour in Norway playing festivals this summer. Really excited about this gigs. Cool people and cool music.

31/1/19: I'm heading for the UK to both record and play some gigs with some of my favorite musicians Andrew Lisle and Colin Webster 15th of February. More info here.


27/9/18: Thanks for everyone coming out for our show at Arthur's yesterday! Today the trip goes to Kilkenny and Billy Byrnes at 21h.


29/7/18: Today at Louise House V22 in London! 3pm with Colin Webster and Andrew Lisle.


28/5/18: I'm playing a short set with Emilie Heldal Lidsheim at Jazz in Khartoum in Oslo at 19h30 29th of May. Features musicians Bendik Baksaas and Martin S. Ulvin. Afterwards it's jam!


17/8/17: Big thanks to Moollon Guitars for sponsoring me with this incredibly beautiful instrument! I love the vintage feel, the craftmanship and attention put into every detail. And of course the shell pink finish! 


25/3/17: I'm in London to perform with the trio KTHXBYE along side Colin Webster (sx) and Brage Tørmænen (dr). Venue: Hundred Year Gallery in Hoxton. Show starts 15h. 


31/1/17: Upcoming release with Pet Zoo is coming up at March 3rd at Sentralen. Doors at 19h, opening set by Ståle Liavik Solberg, free entrance!


12/1/17: I'm playing with kÖök and Nicola Hein/Mia Zabelka aka. Honey Pump at Nesodden tonight!


10/6/16: Great review of "details" on Dalston Sound! "Details is a beautifully realised, well-rounded album, with all the visceral immediacy of the best free jazz of the post-rock era, but also real sensitivity to group dynamics and shades of expression." Click here to read the whole review.


4/2/16: I'm finally happy to tell you that KTHXBYE is releasing a new album titled "details" on april 18th. The album is already made available for download and pre-order at Raw Tonk Record's homepage(link). The music is recorded in London last year at Soundsavers Studio and mixed by Dirk Serries. Get hyped!


3/1/16: Happy new year! First concerts of 2016 is at the festival called MultiNO coming up at Deichmann, Grunerløkka in Oslo, january 4th kicking off the new year with an excellent trio of guitarists. Joining me on stage will be Fredrik Rasten and Christian Winther. More information about upcoming events under CONCERTS.


2/10/16: Thank you Japan! So fun travelling and playing in Japan for one week. Lots of love to all the incredible musicians and people we met during our stay. We had a blast! until next time...


14/8/15: kÖök is featured in the CD anthology "The Wire Tapper 38" going worldwide with The Wire Magazine this August! 


9/4/15: I'm playing with KTHXBYE at Lume in London tonight and Umlaut in Paris on saturday. Looking forward to it!


6/2/15: Austria! kÖök is invited to play at Klangfest Winter, NORDKLANGLICHT in Untergreith the 14th of February. Also playing a concert at "Alte Schmiede" in Vienna the 13th at 19h.


10/2/15: kÖök is joining up with Norwegian superduo Vilde&Inga for an intimate concert at Kulturhuset in Oslo February 10th. Show starts at 19h sharp. 100,- c.c.


5/10/14: Great review of the new kÖök album from norwegian newspaper Aftenposten: "It's hard to say something fresh in the intersection between art music and improvisation, but that is exactly what kÖök is doing successfully. The sound is clear and complex, surprising and reflected. The electronic nuances and diversity of sound in slow motion begets images of lavishness. 5/6" -Arild R. Andersen


4/9/14: Tonight at Kulturhuset we are having a release concert and party. We have guest musicians, cava, live visuals and real CDs! Show is free and starts at 20h.


19/8/14: KTHXBYE feat. Inge Breistein is playing Altes FInanzamt in Neuköln in Berlin on Tuesday 21.30



I'm happy to announce that on the 5th of september kÖök will release the new album "Imber, Wiltshire" on the record label Va Fongool. Stay tuned for more info! Meanwhile take a look at the cover designed by Lasse Marhaug.



Imber, Wiltshire




21/6/14: kÖök plays ESG-21 in St. Petersburg. Be there at 20h and bring 250 Rubels for the door.


19-20/6/14: kÖök is playing the Noise & Fury Festival in Moscow, Russia. Venue: DOM


7/6/14: I'm playing with KTHXBYE at støyscenen, Dechmannske Bibliotek, Grünerløkka at Musikkfest in Oslo 7 June, 21h sharp. Be there!


26/4/14: KTHXBYE plays at 20.00 at Podium/Hausmania, Oslo as part of the 24h sound festival.


27/4/14: kÖök plays at 10.00 at Podium/Hausmania, as part of the 24h sound festival.


KTHXBYE (Brage Tørmænen: drums & me) Upcoming dates:

26/3/14: KTHXBYE at FlimFlam, Ryans Bar, London (UK)

28/3/14: KTHXBYE at Fusebox, Leeds (UK)

30/3/14: KTHXBYE at Power Lunches, London (UK)

3/4/14: KTHXBYE at Bidrobon, Biermannsgården, Oslo (N)


21/3/14: Double trouble! kÖök and KTHXBYE at Pizdets in Oslo. Also with us is Astrid Groseth (dance) and Ingrid Solvik (visuals) Show starts at 20h


19/3/14: kÖök at UPOP in Ørlandet.


7/3/14: I'm joining Christian Meaas Svendsen (bs), Jørn Erik Ahlsen (gt) and Hanna Gjermundsrød (voc) for an all improvised show featuring dancers  Pernille Holden, Solveig Styve Holte, Rannei Grenne, Ann-Christin Berg Kongsness and Marte Reithaug Sterud at "Scenehuset", Majorstua. 19.00 and 50,- c/c


27/3/14: I'm playing a concert with Tomas Järmyr and Adrian Myhr at Sound of Mu, Oslo. 20h


25/3/14: kÖök at the über cool Blow out concert series at Mir, Oslo. 21h


7/2/13: I'm playing with Lise Hvoslef at Noospere Arts, NYC.  Doors opens at 18h, free entrance.


9/2/13: Lise Hvoslef at Seaman's Church in NYC.


10/2/14: Lise Hvoslef at LIC in Queens. Show starts at 21h.


27/3/14: I'm playing a concert with Tomas Järmyr and Adrian Myhr at Sound of Mu, Oslo. 21h


27/10/13: Concert at Sound of Mu, Oslo. Improv trio with Jørgen Mathisen and Dag Erik Knedal Andersen. Show starts at 20.00.


12/10/13: KTHXBYE at Folken, Bergen. Show starts at 20h. Hatten går.


11/10/13: KTHXBYE plays Café Humbug, Stavanger, @20h. Hatten går.


10/10/13: KTHXBYE splits with Propan at Henriken in solo. Concert starts 20h.


29/9/13: Kampenjazz: Barnejazz med Anja Skybakmoen og Aleksander Sjølie. 14.00 på Cafeteateret, Grønland.